Alimuom ng Kahapon (2015)

Alimuom ng Kahapon (2015)
Alimuom ng Kahapon (2015)
Director: Rosswil Hilario
Writers: Rosswil Hilario (screenplay), Rosswil Hilario (story)
Stars: Jubail Andres, Sebastian Castro, Manuel Chua
Genres: Drama | Romance
Official Sites: Official Facebook | Official Facebook
Country: Philippines
Language: Filipino | Tagalog
Release Date: 6 May 2015 (Philippines)
Also Known As: Shadows of Yesterday
Production Co: Mountain Trail Films

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Movie information

A lifestyle photographer, a student activist, and a relationship that developed amidst contrasting ideals and principles.

Alimuom Ng Kahapon cuenta la historia de cómo un fotógrafo y un activista se conocen, cambiando el curso de sus vidas para siempre. Ambos se verán atrapados en una relación contrapuesta entre sus ideales y sus principios, en el que tendrán que luchar por un romance contra todas las adversidades que se les presenten en su camino.

Dirige está película Rosswil Hilario, en el que es su primer largomentraje en la dirección. La producción ha rodado por el circuito de festival del mundo, participando por ejemplo, en la selección oficial de Durban Gay and Lesbian Film Festival en Sudáfrica.

MANILA, Philippines At the center of Alimuom ng Kahapon is the romance between two men. Orbiting around it are various details, a lot of it disposable save for the fact that they attempt to pad what essentially is a pointless love story with some sheen of social and political relevance.

The result is a film that awkwardly resembles an unforgiving black hole, one that unceremoniously sucks whatever joy you have in you with its characters’ endless whining and weeping, and a story that doesn’t really go anywhere. It is a film that aspires to tackle too many things but only succeeds in achieving a level of moroseness that is both unforgiving and unforgivable.

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