Tres (2018)

Tres (2018)
Tres (2018)
Directors: Dondon S. Santos (as Dondon Santos), Richard Somes (as Richard V. Somes)
Writers: Richard Somes (story) (as Richard V. Somes), Byron Bryant (story)
Stars: Bryan Revilla, Luigi Revilla, Jolo Revilla
Genres: Action
Country: Philippines
Language: Filipino | Tagalog
Release Date: 3 October 2018 (Philippines)
Production Co: Imus Productions

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Movie information

72 HOURS PDEA Agent Marius Reyes' missing to catch a well-known Fil-Chinese drug lord fail because of a traitor in his task group. Now, he is out to finish this mission, clear his name, and serve his country at all cost. AMATS A man in denial of his current impoverished situation hooks up with a gang of drug pushers and addicts. VIRGO "My rage will wash away the sins of this world.

The end is actually quite lofty.

Imus Productions' Tres wants a revitalisation of action films. In a marketplace jammed with romances, the film's task to aspect unquestionable stake for hot amusement that is roughly anything otherwise than bonk is a danger that is designer attractive.

Truncate of its dream

Alas, Tres water very impatient of its aspiration.

The production's greatest difficulty is that it confuses its signification to reawaken production films with the miracle of the careers of apiece of the Revilla hatch, who individually gets to histrion in their own broadcast.

It is, yet, quite an egotistical displace, which would bang been somewhat alright if the 3 Revilla scions had much courageousness to substantiate their prima roles. Patch it cannot be denied that Ramon Revilla and his son, Ramon "Bong" Revilla, Jr., were prolific mechanism stars, the supposition that the 3 little Revillas' maraud as mechanism stars would better the style is vacuous.
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