the girl in a orange dress (2018)

the girl in a orange dress (2018)
the girl in a orange dress (2018)
Movie: The Girl in the Orange Dress
Country: Philippines
Release Date: Dec 25, 2018
Rating: Not Yet Rated
Jay Abello (director)
star: Jessy Mendiola, Jericho Rosales
genre: Romance, Comedy

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Movie information
Anna, a conservative girl wakes up in bed in a 5-star hotel room with Rye, the biggest celebrity actor of the country and has no memory of how she got there. Now she has to avoid and escape the media and fans swarming outside the hotel, along with Cacai, her best friend who has given her whole life to loving Rye. The Girl in the Orange Dress ventures into a reverse-courtship -- getting to know and falling in love after a night of intoxication, into stereotypes and perceptions that break down walls, into friendships that know no bounds, and into love that withstands the price and baggage of fame. (Source: Quantum Films)

Quantum Films, Star Cinema, and MJM Productions' romantic comedy, The Girl In The Orange Dress, is their entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival this year. The film is directed by Jay Abello who is known for his successful directorial projects such as Pinay Beauty, Flotsam, and another Jericho-starrer, Red.

The Girl In The Orange Dress tells the story of a girl, Anne, who wakes up after a wild party in the bed of celebrity heartthrob, Rye. The catch is she doesn't remember anything about the night before. The movie depicts the exciting and sometimes crazy lives that celebrities go through and how the new couple overcomes the challenges that fame brings to their relationship.

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