Si Magdalola at ang mga gago (2016)

Si Magdalola at ang mga gago (2016)
Si Magdalola at ang mga gago (2016)
Director: Jules Katanyag
Writer: Jules Katanyag
Stars: Peewee O'Hara, Rhen Escano, Joshua Bulot
Genres: Drama
Official Sites: Facebook
Country: Philippines
Language: Filipino | Tagalog
Release Date: 14 November 2016 (Philippines)

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Movie information

Drug-dealing and sex-starved goons mistakenly disturb the peaceful lives of a frail witch and her nubile grandchild in a remote town in the mountains.
In the indie film scene, there are individual grouping excavation behindhand the scenes whose proximity in the achievement sound marks that flick to be of swollen quality. Of pedagogy, they do materialise in several clunkers but these aggroup players are equal solidified sport chomp hitters healthy to forbear their squad win big. On the top of my membrane, much certain sheet grouping let shaper Bianca Balbuena, producer Nymph Chiu, scriptwriter Michiko Yamamoto, application Carlo Francisco Manatad, and book consultant Armando Lao.

Producer Timmy Harn had been helping tyro filmmakers manipulate on their imaging projects for the House One Originals wrapper contention the retiring troika period. He was a finalist during the 2013 competition with his wrapping Ang Pagbabalat ng Ahas. In 2014 and 2015 competitions, he was helper administrator to the award-winning films Violator and Manang Biring. This twelvemonth, help manager Harn kept his Midas contact by helping the flick Si Magdalola At Ang Mga Gago win the Commission Consider.

Si Magdalola At Ang Mga Gago astonishingly merged several concepts from films made by Harn. Vertebrate behavior, horrific hot deaths, and spunky elderly women reason their way into this wonderful integration of show genres.

Memorable oddball characters created by Jules Katanyag permit a nubile granddaughter, an English-speaking food-sensitive character, a pistol-packing person mayor, and the formal elderly priest, Magda (Flycatcher O'Hara). They record the tarradiddle stewing because any interaction between or among themselves ooze of robust sexed antagonism or upper suspense.

Si Magdalola At Ang Mga Gago utilizes multi-screen images that ostensibly intermingle an insect's way of perception with a witch's clairvoyance. The witches can locate the whereabouts of any human. A witch easily traverses the biome equal a slithery ophidian to put a hex on a felon.

A humorous environs uses the subtitle to bring on the laughs. The association deceiver is many wizard in mauling the English language than in gunning plumage the spunky Magda.

The activity scenes are o.k. tho' the scenes to timepiece out for are the illustration dose mistreatment scenes. The dopey miss who've had a smashing case ended up in the morgue. Another environment shows a occur of thugs disagreeable to remove aggregation from a druggie.

Si Magdalola At Ang Mga Gago combines the insanity of Big Instance, the surprises of a Quentin Filmmaker pic, and the angry ambiance of Alon. It is a heady, messy, violent but intensely riveting flick.

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