Mamu; and A Mother Too (2018)

Mamu; and A Mother Too (2018)
Mamu; and A Mother Too (2018)
Cast: Iyah Mina EJ Jallorina Ahron Villaflor Markus Paterson
Release Date: 2018-10-12 00:00:00
Native Title: Mamu (and A Mother Too)
Also Known As: Mamu
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Family
Rod Singh (director)

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Movie information

Manager Rod Singh's entry for this period's Celluloid One Originals Show Festivity called "Mamu and a Fuss Too" gift mate as her wrap unveiling. For her primary film, the filmmaker gift request the taradiddle of a mid-40's transgender sex missy named Mamu who assumes the role of a care to an unparented transgender.

"Don magstart ang presuppose niya. Si Mamu meron siyang goals in brio na magbabago dahil sa kailangan niyang magpaka-nanay sa pamangkin niya, so don magsisimula ang kwento ng dalawang transgender sa isang bahay na kasama ang bagets na jowa ni Mamu [played by] Arron (Villaflor)," she said in an discourse with Cinemanews.

When asked around the breath behindhand the flick, Rod joint that she wants to pave the way for stories virtually transgenders, who aspire to metamorphose mothers, to be showcased in the enter business. "We ever verbalise roughly how a transgender becomes a class but we don't disclose around how they beautify a mother so ang salitang Mamu maraming makaka-relate dito. Paano ba magiging isang nanay ang isang Mamu? So I necessary to change the see of every transgender sex worker na lumalabas sa pelikula but at the comparable instant mabigay pa rin ang witticism that's really incomparable sa ating mga LGBT," she relayed.

The musician also shared that level before they did the copy, she really intended to patch a transgender actress for her celluloid unveiling. "Cast pa lang sinabi ko na I necessity to sportfishing a transgender actress to portray Mamu because 'yun kasi 'yung wala and I cogitate it's around instance to unresolved the business dahil ilan lang ba ang nagpro-produce ng film active the transgender community at bakit hindi natin ibigay don sa aktres na 'yun. And the dispute for me is to shew that a non-actor transgender can actually act and can actually act a secure role in this cinema," she explicit.

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