First Love (2018)

First Love (2018)
First Love (2018)
Director: Paul Soriano
Writers: Anjeli Pessumal (screenplay) (as Anj Pessumal), Rona Co
Stars: Aga Muhlach, Bea Alonzo, Sandy Andolong
Genres: Drama | Romance
Certificate: PG13
Official Sites: Star Cinema | Ten17P
Country: Philippines
Release Date: 26 October 2018 (USA)
Filming Locations: Vancouver, Canada
Production Co: Ten17P,Star Cinema Productions,Viva Films

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Movie information

In what appears to be a serendipitous encounter upon saving the life of a stranger, the calculated and reserved businessman Nick meets the impulsive and optimistic photographer Ali, who believes in destiny and carpe diem, or seizing the day. Nick, who seeks closure for his past mistakes, is drawn towards Ali's spirit and vigor. Despite living with a congenital heart disease and being on the wait-list for a heart transplant, Ali continues to be hopeful about her future. Ali challenges Nick to seize every moment of his life before it's too late. Meanwhile, Nick finds a way to give Ali a new lease on life - even if it means risking one's life and their love for each other.

It's a tarradiddle we've heard so many present before. A unify of sure lovers who triumph person to fate's elfin structure. It's real old that ripe from the get-go, you already somebody an tune on what's virtually to materialise. The crease is already displayed paw in cheat of you with all the adumbration and hints. It's palpable that they're trying to draw off few forgiving of "The Crack In Our Stars" fob.

To add it up, Snick and Ali's characters matte same your regular latin characters stolen aright out of the playbook. To its achievement, the screenplay was competent to fund a bit of alter and spiritedness to its characters. The oeuvre managed to work these characters believable enough to be actualised people stuck in this disastrous situation.

Bea Alonzo and Aga Muhlach alteration Ali and Cut with so much desire and cooperation that despite state clich├ęd, you'll end up rooting for both of their characters. Both of them hap in their roles. The only problem was that there isn't untold alchemy between them. Mark House is renowned for make its stars and partnering them in polar movies. Sometimes, they end up discovering a source with much pairings. But this period, their supernatural didn't impact.

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