El Peste (2018)

El Peste (2018)
El Peste (2018)
Director: Richard Somes
Writers: Boo Dabu, Richard Somes
Stars: Mon Confiado, Jean Judith Javier, Alvin Anson
Genres: Drama
Country: Philippines
Language: Filipino | Tagalog
Release Date: 9 March 2018 (Philippines)
Production Co: Strawdogs Studio Production

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Movie information
ABNER (Mon Confiado) lives a drab, downcast, solitary existence. His wife has abandoned him for good. Working for pest control company Panther, his job remains his sole connection to the outside world. It seems going nowhere until he meets VIOLA (Jean Judith Javier), a client who is existence is as sad as his. Wife of a vain college teacher DODIE (Alvin Anson), Viola is a trapped bird. And meeting Abner seems to give her a chance to fly free. The house, infested with rats all around, becomes a powder keg of emotions and danger as sexual tension between Abner and Viola turns to illicit affair, all happening under Dodie's nose. In order to extend their relationship, Abner devices something that will eventually lead to a tragedy that will change their lives forever.

The wrapping is unskilled, with really unskilled playscript and some nonprofessional activity performances, which includes sing-songy discussion reminiscent of movies from the last leash decades. But, surprisingly, its entertainingly campy.

Abner (Mon Confiado) is a cuss mastery fille who water for his customer, Viola (Denim Heroine Javier), a abused woman who enjoys act skimpy clothes. It's belike season? The intuition is mutual, and the two end up having a steamy affair, with Abner making sure there are sufficiency rats in Viola's concern to surety his repeated presence.

Creation ornamentation is lovely, equal if it feels as if I were watching a pirated VHS; the grade of the pic is very necessitous, but it someway complements the inexpert finger of the pic.

Despite the glaring technical flaws, Somes knows how to increase vasoconstrictor. You can import Abner's ontogeny obsession with Viola, and you foreknow the significance of Abner's wicked deeds.

The movie's opponent is not the compress of rats, but Viola's preserve Princess (Alvin Anson), a black-belter exalted building rig that beats his wife because he greatly suffers from ascension energy bills, down budget, and, of action, rat infection.

The book and many of the sequences are so stark that you'll encounter yourself happy, wondering if this is whatsoever create of darkening comedy, or fine slapstick, or a mimicry of an '80s or early '90s sexed flick. When Viola seductively touches Abner's arm and the music soars, it's screaming. Princess, especially, is rum than scary.

Supportive actors fill the grapheme spaces of the substance, like City Miguel as the required soul associate, Tots; Tikoy Aguiluz as the imprint who does nix but give and closelipped his folder, or handing a fault to Abner.

But there is a speck of smartness and levity in the movie smooth if it sometimes think similar a mellow education production. You also embellish invested in Abner's obsession and query about his close system. Gift Princess end up exterminating him? Give Viola run off with him? Will the rats win in the end?

In one of the early scenes, Abner observes a rotting ceiling fan in Viola's shelter, rale loosely and dangerously, same Abner's self-control. From moment to minute, Somes gives us a look of this fan, equivalent a lineament itself.

"El Peste" is a comical dispiriting satire. With substance both intended and unplanned, the conclusion is fun entertainment. Silly, but notwithstanding holding your work and oddity. But what genuinely redeems this picture from its many lowercase pesky flaws is its ringing occurrence.

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