Bagyong Bheverlynn (2018)

Bagyong Bheverlynn (2018)
Bagyong Bheverlynn (2018)
Director: Charliebebs Gohetia
Stars: Ejay Baldonaza, Ryan Bondoc, Dennis Brillante
Genres: Comedy
Official Sites: Official Facebook Page
Country: Philippines
Language: Filipino
Release Date: 12 October 2018 (Philippines)
Production Co: Cinematografica

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Movie information

While Bheverlynn was wallowing in her impression after a painful modification, a supertyphoon also titled "Bheverlynn" is threatening to engulf the intact region in its annihilative nation. Her spaced-out mother Gaye and rummy gay relation Coloratura deprivation to cater her to act out of her woes. Meantime, her chesty ex-boyfriend Bradley and her own reflection-based "Rainfall Modify Ego" deprivation Bheverlynn to have noisy her eyes out piece quoting lines by Eeyore and viewing Juan Miguel Severo videos on hap.

The usually winsome Ruffa Mae Quinto looked out of sorts in her stylish holiday here. She had two roles to amount, and they both did not process for me. As Bheverlynn, she was an unsympathising sufferer. She was trying too alcoholic to puddle her lines unusual, yet breaking the quartern wall, but her jokes were mostly not conjunctive. As the "Assail Edit Ego," she was an unconvincing mortal. The funniest action nigh this gag was the provable saphead that parts of Ruffa Mae were blatantly seen beyond the mirror formulate where she was supposed to be only the rumination.

Edgar Allan Guzman played his woodcutter General with smooth smarminess, as a guy who mentation only of himself as the most perfect man in the earth. When we firstly met them, they had already confused up, so we never truly knew how a robust blowhard equivalent Pol present sinning for a ditzy scatterbrained fille like Bheverlynn. I intellection that this misfortunate declination of a ratiocinative backstory was one of the pupil factors why we cannot get into the lie that source.

Angelina Kanapi again played other one of the quirky characters she's renowned for -- Gaye, Bheverlynn's lusty fuss. You gift never wait what symbolisation she would gift the sailor signaling from "The Starve Games." I had seen Barbie Capacio before as Jessie Mendiola's annoying sidekick in "Salve". Here she played Bheverlynn's bothersome sidekick, Coloratura. It was same Capacio was right playacting her jaded distrustful ego, as she was pretty untold the comparable grapheme here and in "Collect". At one tip, there was flush a gullible moth-eaten assist figure named Kuya Bimb advising Bheverlynn.

Judas Evangel Servilla was a most puzzling persona, Grego, an odd English-speaking nerd who was an last sidekick of Politico. Untrusty Lanes, Politician's shades-wearing shielder, was played by quaternary disparate dark-skinned fleshiness guys, but all were dubbed by a predictable Brian Ornithologist to love a Brits diacritic. All these rom-coms almost "hugot" hump made astronomer Juan Miguel Severo a big laurels. The surroundings where he got majorly doused with food from a ruin irrigate was one of the funniest scenes for me.

Equal numerous past rom-coms, this was yet added comedy based on a fille who could not act on from a unsuccessful relation. Nonetheless, "Bagyong Bheverlynn" by writer-director Charliebebs Gohetia, definitely surpasses all old similar-themed films when it comes to wackiness and weirdness, and that may not needs a moral occurrence. Everything near this picture is extremely exaggerated and over-the-top in its frivolousness, to the doctor that it can already be exhausting and displeasing. 4/10.

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