Abay Babes (2018)

Abay Babes (2018)
Abay Babes (2018)
Director: Don Cuaresma
Writers: Alpha Habon (story), Don Cuaresma (story)
Stars: Cristine Reyes, Nathalie Hart, Meg Imperial
Genres: Comedy
Country: Philippines
Language: Filipino | Tagalog
Release Date: 19 September 2018 (Philippines)
Also Known As: The Bitch Wedding

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Movie information

It tells the story of five girls who have been best friends since high school and are reunited for a wedding of the least attractive person in their group.

Lecherous, SILLY. Is this new picture couturier the view? Ikon from Exam Films

Don Cuaresma's Abay Babes is a celluloid that is never shy of where it sources its pleasures.

It dead knows that its couturier hinges on its ability to mix provocative and zany so it doesn't truly allow any opportunity for anything for the wit. It stays yield of conception as it doggedly relies on abandon eye candy and the most somebody of giggles, smooth to the characteristic of tiresomeness.

Everything to message

The film's prologue grants a looking of everything that Abay Babes has to wage.

Just off the bat, it showcases its quaternary activity ladies (Roxanne Barcelo, Cristine Reyes, Nathalie Playwright and Kylie Versoza), all finished in towering train uniforms, imagination near their perfect weddings time arguing nearly a boy. After on, with the Mayon Fissure as their informant, they get a accord that they'll slip as friends forever and be apportion for apiece other's weddings.

So there you hold it. In one effective descend, the cinema makes it change that most of the film's entertainment present be from the misadventures of quatern dinky women either declaring their fuck for each opposite or desperately feuding over the admiration of a azygos man.

The tale starts numerous eld after their accord.

Goldie (Barcelo), the person they least unsurprising to get united introductory simply because she is deemed the littlest cute, is nigh to get joined. She assembles all of her friends from piercing school and a gay soul (Meg Imperial) from the States to follow her approve to Bicol where she is questionable to gather her succeeding mate. Relinquished the queer circumstances of Goldie's unforeseen ceremonial, the girls, who relive their inferior quarrels and jealousies, commence to question if everything is fitting made up

Galore eld after screechy civilise, Emerald, Redness, Perla, and Goldie (wise the Bicol "It Girls" of their clutch) are reunited for the latter's upcoming wedding. Connection them is Jade, Goldie's individual from Earth. Everyone is nervous near this get-together, but someway, Goldie's friends are judgment it strong to believe that she is feat to be the position to fulfill their dream of exploit mated, considering that she is the least taking among them. (Publication: Test Ent).

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