Kuya Wes (2018)

Kuya Wes (2018)
Kuya Wes (2018)
Director: James Robin Mayo (as James Robin M. Mayo)
Writers: Denise O'Hara (screenplay), Heber O'Hara
Stars: Ogie Alcasid, Ina Raymundo, Moi Marcampo
Genres: Drama
Official Sites: Cinemalaya
Country: Philippines
Language: Filipino | Tagalog
Release Date: 4 August 2018 (Philippines)

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Movie information
Kuya Wes is a timid and earnest remittance clerk who falls for his customer in need, Erika. As Wes helps her from his own pocket, his relationship with his brother degrades, forcing him to change.

This film about love and the struggle to fight for is a must. The plot is very simple but wholesome. We’ll surely be feeling a lot of emotions with this one. Be sure to watch out the list as well as you concentrate on the movie. Drown yourself on the lessons that it brings.

Veteran actor slash comedian and singer-song writer OGIE ALCASID is finally back on the big screen in a Cinemalaya film as he plays “KUYA WES”; the lead role of the movie. With the direction of James Robin Mayo, a comedy finalist of #Cinemalaya2018 full length film competition.

According to Ogie, he is happy and excited to finally star in a Cinemalaya entry. He is also grateful for the opportunity to be chosen for the role. Aside from that, he also extends gratitude for the director for giving him the honor of being part of the masterpiece

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