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NOT A LOVE STORY. Sid (Dingdong Dantes) looks up to see Aya (Anne Curtis) gazing at him. All screenshots from YouTube/Viva Ent

It isn’t the first time for Anne Curtis to play a woman on one end of a romantic relationship that is mired by a stark difference in class and income.

In Mae Cruz’s Babe, I Love You (2010), Curtis plays a promo girl who falls for Sam Milby’s moneyed professor. The film strictly follows the formula and plays more like a fairy tale where its would-be lovers, who are written to be destined to be with each other despite all odds, would end their erstwhile heart-related woes with sticky looks that culminate in an even stickier kiss.

The film commits to its escapist intentions and inevitably ends being just one of the many feel-good love stories that come and go every few weeks.

Vastly different

Irene Villamor’s Sid & Aya (Not a Love Story) is different.

Curtis now plays Aya, a waitress who, not unlike her character in Babe, I Love You, is quick to find creative means to augment her meager income. One time, she wagers some money on her educated guess that the profession of one particular customer is a businessman.

Sid, the customer who is the subject of her bet and is played by Dingdong Dantes, turns out to be somewhat of a businessman since he is actually a stock broker. He wins for Aya a bit of cash and a chance to earn more when he offers to pay for her company for a few hours.

Both the title and Sid insist that their story isn’t a love story, even if it is as clear as day that the core of the feature is whatever kind of love that develops between Sid and Aya. (READ: Dingdong Dantes, Anne Curtis on long-awaited collab, 'I love you,' and perfect timings)

It’s actually very clever. By diverting the attention from the obvious romance, the film then puts a spotlight on the imperative details that are paramount to the conclusion of Sid and Aya’s love story.

The film then morphs from being a typical romance that flirts around with the melancholic consequences of loving against all odds into an astoundingly accessible examination of the class and income disparities that disconnect us.

Sid & Aya is shaped like all the fairy tales of damsels saved from economic distress by wealthy knights in shiny suits and uniforms – except that its ambition to bend the rules and direct the romance to a more sober conclusion leads to the realization that there are very real divisions that even love can't bridge.
Somber hues

While Babe, I Love You covers the darker side of the livelihood of Curtis’ character with brightness and gloss that is predictable in the genre, Sid & Aya drenches itself with more somber hues.

It is almost as if cinematographer Pao Orendain is purposely avoids the visual tropes that pervade the rom-com, resulting in a distinct look that better fits a film that dissects the excesses of unconscionable wealth than one that exalts the mysteries of love.

When the film relocates to Tokyo, Orendain still treats the foreign land not as an exotic place whose unique look makes it ripe for rekindled emotions, but again as a place that is not dissimilar to Manila, with its crowds of people going about their own businesses, all hungry for connections but are too preoccupied by their own lives.

The allure of Sid & Aya lies in its audacity to shift the spotlight from the titular lovers to their social situations.

Curtis and Dantes’ performances are measured to reflect the attitudes that define their characters’ positions in life, with Curtis being spritely and outgoing because she needs it for survival and Dantes being brash and reckless because he can afford it.

The film thrives in enunciating the differences, carousing the cute moments of intense connection, only to burst the bubble of escapist fantasies.

*Minor Spoilers Ahead*

From director Irene Emma Villamor comes “Sid & Aya” a new movie that tackles the bare bones of an evolving relationship. Dingdong Dantes portrays a stereotypical troubled man, Sid, who suffers insomnia. During one of his nightly ventures, he meets Anne Curtis’ Aya - a frank and hardworking “career woman.” Feeling an instant connection, Sid offers Aya a job where she literally just keeps him company at nights. As the two continues to spend time with each other, the inevitable happens - they fall in love. But with their complex situation, not to mention their individual life goals, they attempt to navigate the predicament they’re in the best way they think possible.

As with any effective romantic narratives, the two leads should sell whatever notion of love the film is tackling - something that Dantes and Curtis brilliantly did. Aptly titled as “Sid & Aya,” the movie was clever to focus on the characters and the stages of their relationship. Obviously, the A-list names would be enough to draw in people, but it was curious how the chemistry between the actors would work considering that they have yet to headline a project until now.

While Dantes and Curtis are established actors in their own rights, how they work together on screen was an entirely different conversation. In a small-scale, character-driven movie like “Sid & Aya,” chemistry between its two main stars was critical, and if it was in any way forced, nothing else would matter, the movie won’t work. Surprisingly, the tandem worked effortlessly. From the moment they met, up until the film’s last shot, the two exuded chemistry, it’s difficult not to root for them to be together despite their missteps.

Sid & Aya’s strength, however, lies on its simplicity. It’s grounded on reality and doesn’t romanticize the idea of falling in love. Its story is very straightforward and structured which makes is easy to follow, and thus, easy to relate to. There are no unnecessary plot twists, out of this world elements, and time travel - media tropes that seem to be popular these days. The fact that the film tackled and focused on a normal relationship between a man and a woman, is, ironically a breath of fresh air. Interestingly, it also veered away from commonly used tropes in romantic films, giving it much more raw feel to it. There’s no huge inciting incident that brought the two together. They just met, developed a relationship and fall in love - something that is experienced by anyone.

The story took time to develop the two’s relationship without the use of common montages to breeze through the film’s plot making it feel earned.

That said, “Sid & Aya” is not a perfect film. There were convenient plot points (randomly bumping to each other at the train station in Japan) and underdeveloped subplots. Sid being a stockbroker didn’t add anything to the narrative other than an explanation why he’s rich. Further, the meltdown with his boss (and the ramifications of it), as well as his break-up with his girlfriend weren’t executed as well as the rest of the movie. There were also shots early on in the film that looked blurry which were jarring. Otherwise, the film’s cinematography was superb.

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Review of SID & AYA: NOT A LOVE STORY: Stunning Scenery and Scintillating Stars

It had all the trappings of a romance on the surface, but this film, starring two of the most attractive stars in local showbiz, adamantly insists in its parenthetical subtitle that it is "not a love story." Its cryptic teaser trailer had Anne Curtis' mysterious character showing up in various places saying "I love you" to Dingdong Dantes' character. Public curiosity had been effectively tickled to find out exactly what this film by Irene Villamor would be about.

Sid is Luis Isidro Teodoro. He is a hotshot and ruthless stock broker, who did not really care whose toes he stepped on to get ahead in his game. Despite seeming to have it all -- posh condo, classy girlfriend, liquid assets and skyrocketing career -- Sid was a depressed, lonely insomniac who spent his sleepless nights hanging out in a 24-hour cafe just around the corner from his home.

Left to fend for herself by her mother who worked as an entertainer in Japan, Aya is a young woman who was always in desperate need of cash. This was so she can be able to support the medical needs of her ailing father and the education of her younger siblings. To do this she had to juggle three jobs -- a part-time clerk at a laundry, a performer in an amusement park and a waitress in the 24-hour cafe where Sid spent his sleepless nights.

On one of these sleepless nights, Sid and Aya eventually met and made a connection with each other. However, as this film was "not a love story" as it claimed, things do not go all peaches and roses between the two. The couple will encounter challenging situations in their relationship, as captured by the stunning cinematography of Pao Orendain.

Anne Curtis owned this film as Aya. The camera loves her lovely face with all its quixotic charms. We can clearly see and feel how Aya swept Sid off his feet and changed his life. Because of Curtis's magnetic charisma, Aya can do no wrong. Even if there was money involved in her story, we never can judge her for her actions. This is Curtis's "Breakfast at Tiffany's," her Audrey Hepburn moment.

Dingdong Dantes is a very capable actor, and he proves it here again as the moody Sid. While this film was told mostly in Sid's point of view, Dantes graciously allowed Curtis to take centerstage. In so doing, he allowed us to see Aya through his eyes and get mesmerized with her along with Sid. Because of Dantes' sincere performance, we also feel Sid's happiness when he was with Aya, and his misery when he was not.

The film brings us right into the midst of age-old dilemma about relationships -- should it be about the right person, or the right time? It described Aya as Sid's "black swan" -- a random event with extreme impact (as expounded in the 2007 book by philosopher Nassim Nicholas Taleb). I suspect that this film will also leave a big positive impact on its viewers. 8/10.

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Movie information
It follows Sid who suffers from insomnia and meets Aya who he hires to accompany him in his sleepless nights.
Director: Irene Villamor (as Irene Emma Villamor)
Writer: Irene Villamor (as Irene Emma Villamor)
Stars: Anne Curtis, Dingdong Dantes, Gabby Eigenmann
Genres: Drama
Country: Philippines
Language: Filipino | Tagalog
Release Date: 30 May 2018 (Philippines)
It follows Sid who suffers from insomnia and meets Aya who he hires to accompany him in his sleepless nights.

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