The Hows Of Us 2018

Production outfit: Star Cinema
director: Cathy Garcia-Molina
Star; Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla
Genre: Drama , Romance
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Movie information
“Gusto kong maniwala na mayroon pang reason to stay in a relationship for a long time.”

It’s back to the drawing board for blockbuster director Cathy Garcia-Molina. Coming from the high of “My Perfect You” with Gerald Anderson and Pia Wurtzbach, this time she will be teaming up with Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. The romantic movie will be entitled “The Hows of Us” and will focus on long term relationships.

“Basta hindi ninyo na makikita si Kathryn uling ganyan, ito [Daniel] wala akong magawa eh,” Direk Cathy shared. It has become a trademark of the director to have the leads wear wigs for her movies. Although she denies that this is on purpose, she did guarantee that Kathryn will become almost unrecognizable. On the other hand, she doesn’t how what to do with Daniel yet, the young actor did promise to do his best whatever the case may be. In the mean time they are still experimenting and throwing ideas for their characters and the story.

“Timplang Molina,” described Kathryn. Daniel talked about how the movie hits close to home for him and Kathryn because they’ve been in a long-term relationship of six years. He pointed out that they are past the ligawan stage and is now building a partnership. But while this a heavy topic for millennials, they expect Direk Cathy to use her genius to balance out the emotions and still make this a light experience for viewers. They will offer something different, but still maintain a relatable and familiar story.

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