Squad Goals: #FBois 2018

Directed by: Mark Meily
Produced by: VIVA Films
Mark Meily (director);
Staring: Julian Trono, Vitto Marquez, Andrew Muhlach, Daniel Huschka, Jack Reid
Production outfit:Viva Films

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SQUAD GOALS is a story of five boys who experience a series of mishaps that could expel them from school. The crew of Benj (Julian Trono), Tom (Vitto Marquez), Nat (Andrew Muhlach), Pads (Jack Reid) and Hans (Dan Huschka) find kinship with each other while dealing with school, love and family problems.

Watch the feel good barkada movie starring Julian Trono. Vitto Marquez, Andrew Muhlach, Dan Huschka and Jack Reid. SQUAD GOALS #FBOIS is COMING SOON to Philippine cinemas

TWENTY-FOUR years ago, there was Viva Films’ “Bagets,” the coming-of-age movie directed by the late Maryo J. delos Reyes and written by the late Jake Tordesillas, about five middle-class boys going through the cusp of adulthood. Later on, the word “bagets” entered the Filipino lexicon, becoming synonymous to youngsters aged 1 to 18.

Now, Viva is readying “Squad Goals #FBois” for five bagets – Julian Trono, Vitto Marquez, Andrew Muhlach, Daniel Hushka, and Jack Reid.

But the bagets of before are not the “fbois” of today. “FBois” is a term normally used to refer to immature, narcissistic boys who refuse to take on responsibilities. But director Mark Meily (“Crying Ladies,” “La Visa Loca,” “Baler”) wants to change all that. Fboi, in this case, is nothing but a term, he said, and it is us, the people, who attach the negative connotation on the word.

“We want to provoke conversation,” said Meily, “Grupo lang ng letra na people interpret it as such. What we want people to talk and be curious. Fbois may mean someone who is into popular music, someone who likes to dance… We want to give back the power of the word to the people.”

Being introduced in “Squad Goals #FBois” are Julian Trono as #FLYBOI. The former child star has the pleasure of showing both his dancing and acting chops in the movie He plays Benj, an Engineering student who is a secret dance guru called “Young D.” He wears a mask in his dance videos on YouTube to hide from his father who frowns upon this passion of his. He took up Engineering to be able to help out in their family’s failing business. As if juggling his studies and interest is not hard enough, Benj finds himself in some misadventures with his friends.

Vitto Marquez, son of Alma Moreno and Joey Marquez, is #FITBOI. Vitto surprised his mom when he told her his desire to join showbiz. The actress described her son as “shy,” but she knew he’d build his confidence under the management of VIVA. In 2016, Vitto auditioned for Hashtag, and a year later, he was officially launched as one of its members.

He plays Tom, son of a retired basketball player and a model/actress. He is an HRM student and a three-time MVP. It is not surprising that he is hailed as the “It Guy” in the university. But like a typical teen, he gets into various troubles with his friends.

Andrew Muhlach is #FUNNYBOI. He plays the class clown Nat, who is the best friend of Tom (Vitto Marquez). He comes from a middle-class family, with his father earning a living by driving for Uber while his mother is affiliated with a networking company. Quick though he is in coming up with pranks, he is very slow when it comes to expressing his feelings for the girl he likes. As he tries to figure out these matters of the heart, he engages in crazy antics with his friends. But the consequences will prove to be no laughing matter.

James Reid’s younger brother Jack is #FASTBOI. The Fil-Aussie cutie plays Pads, a Mass Communication student who works part time as a bartender. This makes him drowse off during class. He is tutored by a girl who seems to be the only one not affected by his charisma. Pads lives with his older brother, but he has also found some cool “bruhs” in the university.

Dan Hushcka is #FUNKYBOI. The former “Sugar High” member widens his acting experience by playing Hans, a shy type music genius who keeps getting gigs as a DJ. In the process, his studies are taken for granted. He has a set of friends, but he tries not to be attached to them as he knows he and his mom will go back to Germany anytime to see his father. This became exceptionally difficult to do when he met a girl who shares his musical interest.

Ella Cruz, Dennis Padilla, Giselle Sanchez, DJ Durano and Patricia Javier are also in “Squad Goals #FBois.”

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