Siargao (2017)

Three souls vibe in the island off of northeastern Mindanao.
Director: Paul Soriano
Writers: Anjeli Pessumal
Story by Anj Pessumal
Starring Jericho Rosales
Erich Gonzales
Jasmine Curtis-Smith
Music by Robbie Factoran
Ricardo Jugo
Cinematography Odyssey Flores
Edited by Mark Victor
Production Ten17 Productions
Distributed by Solar Pictures
Release date
December 25, 2017
Country Philippines
Language Filipino

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Movie information
Set in the rustic but breathtaking surf island of Siargao, an island off Surigao del Norte in Caraga region of northeastern Mindanao a burned-out musician returns to his hometown to escape his troubles in the city. He meets a sheltered vlogger who is picking herself up after a failed relationship, while he seeks closure with a former love he left behind.

In a place filled with adventure, where people spend their days going with the flow of the tides and the direction of the waves, three people learn that the greatest adventure lies in learning to take the risk of commitment.


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