The Maid (2005)

Directed by Kelvin Tong. Starring Alessandra de Rossi, Huifang Hong, Benny Soh, and Chen Shu Cheng.


Alessandra de Rossi, Huifang Hong, Benny Soh, Zhenwei Guan, Mohd Haizad Bin Imram, Griffin Chan, Shucheng Chen, Airick Chia, Celine Chia, Tan Ooh Chye, Christina Goh, Cecilia Heng, Li Rong Heng, Chua Swee Huang, Nur Awal'liyah Ja'afar


Alone for the first time and away from her family in rural Philippines, Rosa Dimaano arrives in the cosmopolitan city state of Singapore to work as a maid. In Chinese superstition, the seventh month of the lunar calendar is regarded as the month when the gates of hell open for forsaken spirits to walk the earth for 30 days. Unknown to Rosa, she arrives on the eve and her hell is about to begin.

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The Maid is a 2005 Singaporean horror film, directed by Kelvin Tong, telling of a maid recently arrived from the Philippines. She has to acclimate herself to the customs of the Chinese Ghost Month, during which she struggles with supernatural forces. The maid is employed by a Teochew opera family, a family with many secrets, who give her a place to stay in their dilapidated shophouse.

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