Pulupot (2010)

Directed by Monti Parungao. With Gio Gapas, Justine Ferrer, Justin De Leon, Echo Caceres.


Gio Gapas, Justine Ferrer, Justin De Leon, Echo Caceres, Joyce Acorda, Jeff Luna, Ethan Lee, Alexander 'Tsoknut' Castillo, Jodi Belo, Marjorie Movilla, K.C. Iwa, Lex Bonife, Ryan Idica, Jolls Estopin, Manix Saberon


Pulupot tells the story of Eva (Justine Ferrer), a hardworking transsexual enterpreneur waiting for Edgardo (Gio Gapas), the love of her life while his life is currently enmeshed in a complicated relationship with Kiko (Justin de Leon), a possesive gay man. , a pragmatic sex worker Kristel (Echo Caceres) and his OFW girlfriend Cora (Joyce Acorda).

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