Pamahiin (2006)

Directed by Rahyan Carlos. Starring Dennis Trillo, Iya Villania, Marian Rivera, Paolo Contis.


Dennis Trillo, Iya Villania, Marian Rivera, Paolo Contis, Vangie Labalan, Cris Daluz, Kookoo Gonzales, Jaclyn Jose, Arpee Bautista, Erica Dehesa, J.M. Reyes, Denise Ho, Kristan Agustin, G.A. Villafuerte, Meleen Carlos


Noah returns to the Philippines with his girlfriend Eileen and his aunt Amelia to visit the wake of his childhood friend, Damian who committed suicide after Noah left in 15 years. Damian’s death starts a series of peculiar and unexplained deaths and eerie haunting, all revolving around different superstitions. Eileen, who is in tune with her third eye, is at the forefront of all these haunting. Not wanting to believe and accept the fact that superstitions are real, Noah tries to give a practical explanation for everything, straining his relationship with Eileen. The fact that Becca,his other best friend returns and professes her love for Noah doesn’t help in easing the tension between them. Noah continues refusing to believe… until he experiences the haunting himself.

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