Nandito ako... Nagmamahal sa 'yo (2009)


Aljur Abrenica, Kris Bernal, Ana Capri, Baron Geisler, Julio Diaz, Kris Bernal, Lloyd Samartino, Valeen Montenegro


Tata believes that Bohol is the ultimate paradise of hope for his slumdog life in Quiapo. So when his ailing mother suddenly wished for them to transfer to Bohol, Tatas life underwent a major turning point. Upon his arrival Tata will be shocked to find that his biological father is still alive and that he has a stepbrother named Prince. Much to his surprise, Tata was immediately accepted by his new family and found a new life with them. As Tata begins his new life in Bohol, he will also discover the true love that he has been long waiting for. Tata unexpedtedy meets the lovely Stephanie and falls in love with her instantly. But when he found out that Stephanie is soon to be bride of his stepbrother Prince, Tata will have to toughly choose between family and his destiny.

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Nandito Ako Nagmamahal Sa'Yo is a 2009 Filipino film starring Aljur Abrenica and Kris Bernal.

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