Chopsuey (2007)

Directed by Cathy Camarillo. Starring Piolo Pascual, Andrea Del Rosario, Dimples Romana, and Krista Ranillo.


Piolo Pascual, Andrea Del Rosario, Dimples Romana, Krista Ranillo, Basil Bolinao, Hazel Abenuja, Joshua Deocareza, Denver Chua, Kay Hernandez, Ken Escudero, Patricia Barron, Grace Tariana, Albert Guinto, Jared Brown, Ann Guinto


The story is about a Filipino-Chinese family whose members all had to deal with depression. After their parents died, Jimmy took care of his younger sisters: Anette, a closet lesbian yearning to be with her girlfriend; Claire, an abused and neglected wife; and Leslie a call center agent who denounces the Chinese tradition of having a Filipino boyfriend. Jimmy, however, got so depressed when his wife-to-be eloped with her Filipino boyfriend. This experience prompted him to isolate and confine himself inside his room for six months. His sisters even prepared a cake for him during his birthday but he never came out of his room.

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