Birhen ng Manaoag (2005)

A drama directed by Ben Yalung featuring Jodi Maria and Eddie Garcia.


Jodi Sta. Maria, Eddie Garcia, Joyce Jimenez, Albert Martinez, Cherry Pie Picache, Jean Garcia, Bianca King, Ella Guevara, Paolo Paraiso, Marco Alcaraz, Ina Feleo, Matthew Hunt, Alicia Alonzo, Tony Mabesa, Dinky Doo Jr.


Ana arrives at Manaoag with her daughter Ada to make a documentary about the miracles of the blessed Virgin Mary. There, she asks the help of Paul a seminarian, who is an expert on Mother Mary. However, Marco loses faith in God when his mother passes away. Meanwhile, LInda, a schoolteacher discovers she has leukemia and only has a few months to live. She lists down what she wants to accomplish before she dies: to find a partner for her husband, ask forgiveness from her mother, help one of her students and write all those she has offended. What seems to be the hardest among Linda's goal is to prepare her husband to live without her. Then, there is Marie who is not yet 18 but is already pregnant. Her boyfriend avoids her and her mother disowns her when Marie reveals the truth. Marie survives day to day through the kindness of others while she thinks of a way out of her predicament. Ana, Paul, Linda and Marie cross paths when Ana discovers that roses are blossoming at the foot of the statue of the Virgin of Manaoag. This is where the characters discover what miracles truly and what they are for.

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