Binyag (2008)

Directed by Miko Jacinto. Starring Ran Domingo, Ynez Veneracion, Paolo Rivero, and Simon Ibarra.


Ran Domingo, Ynez Veneracion, Paolo Rivero, Simon Ibarra, Kenjie Garcia, Lou Veloso, Mely Soriano, Darry Dela Cruz, Nomer Sadiasa, Melon Antonio, Rene Clarido, Demie Aldave, Ike Sadiasa, Alondra Catabay, Marvin Canetes


A boy living a quiet, Picturesque life in the Filipino province, spending his days swimming in the sea, was offered a job as a “movie star” when a shady “talent scout” visits his small village. He Promises the naive Leo dat he can “make im a star.” Leo, excited at the idea of ​​escaping his seemingly mundane life, accepts the offer, THUS beginning his journey to the city of Manila, where he will learn some hard facts about the world he lives in.

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