Baliw (2007)

Directed by Redd Ochoa. With Ryan Eigenmann, Joshua Deocareza, Jaime Fabregas, Joel Torre.


Ryan Eigenmann, Joshua Deocareza, Jaime Fabregas, Joel Torre, Liza Diño, Lesley Leveriza, C.J. Mercado, Nico Antonio, Anton Hernandez, Igi Boy Flores, Dido De La Paz, Perry Escaño, Jerome Ortiz, Choy Roldan, Ces Aldaba


Angelo is an orphan who turns into a serial killer. Despite the efforts of rehabilitation, psychological turmoil still haunts and prevents him from living a peaceful and ordinary life. Faced with this reality, Angelo searches for a way to exorcise his personal demons. In the end, he gets his just reward when he crosses paths with a demon that he himself created.

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