Ang Tanging Pamilya: A Marry Go Round (2009)

A young woman accepts a marriage proposal from her long-distance boyfriend but has no idea their families will soon be at war.


Ai-Ai Delas Alas, Joseph Estrada, Toni Gonzaga, Sam Milby, Dionisia Pacquiao, Miguel Faustmann, Janus del Prado, AJ Perez†, Thou Reyes, Igiboy Flores, Carl Camo, Miguelito de Guzman, DJ Durano, Candy Pangilinan, Empoy Marquez, K Brosas, Carla Humphries, Tessie Moreno, Lou Veloso, Jinggoy Estrada, Izzy Canillo, Brenna Penaflor


It tells the story of a young couple, Charlie Sicat and U.S.-based Prince Price, who decides to get married after two years of long-distance relationship. But there is one hitch: Charlie’s father Dindo had promised to give his wife Sunshine another church ceremony to mark their 25th wedding anniversary. Dindo vehemently refuses to have both weddings take place. Prince’s attempt to win over Dindo is further complicated by his nouveau riche mother Marlene, who insists on having her son’s wedding done her way.

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