Ika-Sampu (2010)

Directed by Macky Derpo. With Eddie Garcia, Maria Isabel Lopez, Rustica Carpio, Priscilla Meirelles.


Eddie Garcia, Maria Isabel Lopez, Rustica Carpio, Priscilla Meirelles, Alexa Arce, Daniel Yusay Harvey, Aya Montez, Sharla O'Hara, Nicole Ochoa, Toby Dollete, Mang Niel, Boots Anson-Roa, Mansueto Solis, Alexandra Therese Derpo, Joyce Selga


Ika-Sampu is the story of rich girl Alexa Nicole Dela Vega, who inherited a mansion. Upon getting curios about what had happened with the mansion many years back, she discovered a dark secret of her family history that dates back during the Spanish era. A ghost from the past haunts Alexa as she stayed inside the mansion as she unfolds the mystery of a missing gold coin. A Spanish General gets everything he wants and punishes those who disobeys his rules. A young peasant indio, Clara, was punished when she was accused of stealing the tenth moneda which was given to Heneral Dela Vega as gift from his comrades. Through nightmares, Alexa fell prey to the ghost of Clara and eventually led to the discovery of Clara‘s remains inside the premises of the mansion.

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